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Gym For Congress Members Remains Open Despite Gyms Around America Being Shut Down

In the last two weeks, gyms across America have been forced to shutter their doors because of the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19.

However, one gym seems to be fully operational — the exclusive gym for U.S. members of congress.

“It would be nice if Brian Monahan, Office of Attending Physician, would do a news conference about advice he’s been giving congressional leaders. Why the Senate gym and pool were open this morning,” Washington Post congressional reporter said in a tweet.

Others noticed this alarming trend too, which came right after Sen. Rand Paul was diagnosed with COVID-19.

“Why was the congressional gym open, when every other gym in DC (and many/most across the nation are closed)??” MSNBC correspondent Garrett Haake asked after learning the Kentucky senator used the gym and pool the morning of his positive diagnosis.

“Hold on. Just heard the Congressional gym is still open. That better be some kind of joke. Cause my gym just laid everyone off as they were ordered to close,” political reporter Jesse Kelly said, adding that members of countries should “do push-ups like the rest of us” at home.

Gyms are basically petri dishes for the coronavirus, as it moves very efficiently in water droplets. The perspiration of a infection individual is likely to be highly contagious. And with gym users touching numerous pieces of shared work-out equipment, it was no surprise when exercise facilities began closing their doors first.

But for congress to have a different standard with regard to their own personal gym is simply shameful.


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