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Just In: House Extends Investigation Into Democrat Who Allegedly Violated Campaign Finance Laws

Rep. Lori Trahan, who has been under some level of investigation for potentially breaking campaign finance laws in the days prior to her surprise upset election win in 2018, will now face the wrath of an extended investigation by the House Ethics Committee for her actions.

According to WBUR, Trahan accepted a $300,000 loan from her husband, David Trahan, just prior to election day in 2018. Lori Trahan claims the loan was made by herself.

House Ethics Committee Chairman Rep. Ted Deutche and ranking member Rep. Kenny Marchant issued a statement on the ongoing matter, saying the news of the extension of the investigation was launched “in order to gather additional information necessary to complete its review.”

The issue is that while candidates can contribute any amount they want to their campaign without breaking federal law, their spouses can only donate the maximum allowed $2,800 per year, just like any other citizen.

Trahan’s office released a statement in the wake of the news, denying any wrongdoing.

“The Federal Election Commission has found no violations in numerous cases involving the use of marital assets that closely mirror Congresswoman Trahan’s use of funds, which is why we remain confident that any review will rule in her favor,” the statement read.

The Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT) originally filed the complaint concerning Trahan’s large, last-minute loan, but her spokesperson, Mark McDevitt, claimed that the group has partisan motives.

In a statement, he called the group “a right-wing group with a long history of attacking Democrats, and is without merit.”

Trahan bolstered her claim that no wrongdoing had taken place, claiming that her husband’s money was also her money.

“We considered all of the income that Dave and I earned to be ours, and I had the same right as Dave did to manage and spend it,” Trahan wrote. “So, over the course of the campaign, we decided to move $300,000 from income Dave had earned to our joint checking account.”



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