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Trump Claims Supported By New Timeline Infographic Detailing Hunter Biden, Ukraine Scandal

What many have seem to forgotten in the arduous impeachment process of President Donald Trump is that the catalyst was the controversy surrounding Hunter Biden’s tenure at Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian natural gas and oil company that has been battered with corruption charges.

While many congressional Democrats have brushed off the notion by Trump that there’s corruption afoot involving Hunter Biden and the Obama administration, the existing timeline of events reveals a great deal — and helps the president’s case if he did indeed ask for investigative assistance.

And should witnesses appear — like former Vice President Joe Biden or his eldest son — the series of recorded events will play an even more critical role in the determination of an inappropriate relationship between the U.S. and Ukraine.

On Reddit user took the Western Free Press timeline of “Ukraine-Gate,” condensed it, and put it into an accessible infographic for Americans to look over.

Here it is:

At the very bottom of the infographic timeline, it asks why Devon Archer and Hunter Biden — despite having no experience in Ukraine, China, and energy — were “both hired by and heavily involved with” companies in Ukraine, China, and the energy sector.

Additionally, it notes that Archer and Biden do not speak Chinese or Ukrainian, furthering the question of why — and how — they were involved to the degree that they were.

Republican Sen. Josh Hawley tweeted that should Democrats have additional witnesses brought to the senate impeachment trial, he would be calling to hear from “Adam Schiff, Hunter Biden, Joe Biden & the whistleblower, at a minimum.”


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