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Is Coronavirus In Florida? Live Updates For The COVID-19 Threat In Florida

Florida Coronavirus COVID-19

3/10/2020 Update: According to The New York Times, there are now 15 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the state of Florida. The reported cases are spread somewhat evenly across the state.

3/2/20 Update: Fox13News reports that Florida now has two official confirmed cases of Coronavirus (Covid-19) cases, both of which are in the Bay Area. The announced came from Florida Health officials over the weekend, with two confirmed “presumptive cases” of Coronavirus.

One of the patients is a female in her 20’s who recently traveled to Italy. The other patient is a man in his 60s who reportedly hasn’t traveled to or from any Coronavirus-infected areas in the world.

Coronavirus Cases In The State Of Florida (See updates above for current information)

Currently, there are no reported or confirmed cases of novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Florida, though authorities in the state have begun testing patients and according to NBC News, are “carefully monitoring” the situation as the number of cases in the United States slowly climbs.

Unlike some other states, state and county health officials in Florida have declined to provide information on how many patients are currently being tested for the virus, citing privacy laws as the reason they are currently withholding information.

Reynald Jean, director of disease control at the Florida Department of Health, indicated that “everybody will know,” should someone in the state test positive for novel Coronavirus.

Florida Coronavirus Response Plans

Some large school districts in Florida, including schools in the Miami-Dade area, have begun preparing for future outbreaks in the state, with plans to keep children out of schools and utilize tele-education if the need arises.

Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez indicated that his area, having experienced natural disasters in the past, is ready to respond appropriately to emergency situations, such as if a Coronavirus outbreak happens in that area.

“This county is ready to face a number of situations, this county faces emergency situations almost every year called hurricanes, so we’re very good at preparing for things that are not the norm,” Giminez said at a recent press conference.

Florida Cruise Ships And Coronavirus

Given that the state of Florida is home to several popular cruise ship ports, state health officials and cruise ship companies are reportedly carefully monitoring incoming tourists and vacationers for any signs of illness, along with taking extra precautions to control and prevent the spread or introduction of the virus.

Florida Rep. Chip LaMarca has indicated that the cruise ship industry, so far, has not suffered any noticeable drop in passengers. Though presumably that could change rapidly if the state eventually confirms any new cases of Coronavirus in the future.



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