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Is Coronavirus In Texas? Live Updates For The COVID-19 Threat In Texas

Texas Coronavirus COVID-19

Coronavirus Cases In The State Of Texas

Currently there are 10 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Texas. All these individuals are quarantined and isolated in medical facilities until it is confirmed that they no longer have COVID-19 and aren’t a risk to the general public, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services

Two cases of Coronavirus in Texas came from a travelers who came to the U.S. via a specialty flight chartered by the U.S. State Department from Wuhan City, China.

The rest of the cases were from the Diamond Princess cruise ship that has been quarantined in Yokohama, Japan.

So far, these 10 confirmed COVID-19 cases have been contained in a San Antonio medical facility and they pose no immediate risk to Texans.

Texas Coronavirus Response Plans

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is working alongside the Trump administration to combat the spread of the Coronavirus as best as possible. He has been in contact with Vice President Mike Pence directly, who is acting as a liaison between states to ensure everyone is on the same page.

“Long story short: There’s a tremendous amount of work that all of these state agencies, the state health leaders and emergency response leaders, have put in for well over a month now … but they did not start from the beginning a month ago,” Abbott said, according to KUT. “They built upon knowledge gained in response to the Ebola challenge, and the H1N1 [swine flu] challenge.”

In order to curtail the highly-infectious COVID-19, Texas is working on expediting the process by which new cases are examined. DSHS Commissioner John Hellerstedt noted that the state of Texas has been given a green light to begin validation of Coronavirus detection kits. These kits will be made available to local laboratories in the days and weeks to come.

Additionally, Texas officials are not slouching on communication with health care providers and public health authorities, holding statewide calls that have hundreds of people on the phone getting the latest information.

“These calls have included 500-600 people per call, and they began on Jan. 24,” Abbott said.

Texas Doctors Are Working On A COVID-19 Vaccine

In Houston, Texas, at the Baylor College of Medicine, doctors are working around the clock to complete a “preliminary vaccine” according to C2H. This vaccine was made during the SARS outbreak in 2003, but never was distributed since SARS eventually died off.

However, these doctors believe this will be able to protect people from Coronavirus and are urging officials in the United States and China to give it a try.

“Ours is already manufactured, and could take off pretty quickly,” Dr. Peter Hotez said.

Hotez colleague, Dr. Maria Elena Bottazzi, added that while the frozen vaccine from 2003 may help with COVID-19, they have a much more specific vaccine in the works that could basically knock out the extremely infectious virus.

“We’re also engineering a potentially new vaccine that will be much more specific against the COVID-19,” Bottazzi said.

Any major head-starts in this field could be a game-changer, as developing a vaccine from scratch could take years to complete. Many researchers are beginning that arduous process now.

Coronavirus In America And Around The World

Currently, there are 60 cases of COVID-19 in the United States. There have been zero deaths and six recoveries. In total, there are 83,879 confirmed Coronavirus cases, along with nearly 3,000 deaths. This originated in the industrial Wuhan City, China, one of the largest cities in Central China with a population of 11 million.


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