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Jeff Sessions Launches Attack Against John Bolton, Slams New Book As ‘Act Of Disloyalty’

As the debate to call witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial rages on, in light of new revelations from a book set to be published by former national security adviser John Bolton, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions went to bat for President Donald Trump on Wednesday.

According to The Hill, Sessions had a lot to say about Bolton’s new book, which is already taking pre-orders on Amazon despite potentially running into serious legal implications given the reported classified information the White House says the manuscript currently contains.

Sessions wrote a series of tweets bashing Bolton over the book, accusing him of not staying loyal to the president and bashing him for cashing in on his time inside the White House’s inner circle — something Sessions proudly stated that he never did.

“With regard to the @AmbJohnBolton situation, let me just say this: I did not write a book or go on CNN or criticize @realDonaldTrump for 3 VERY IMPORTANT REASONS…” Sessions began in his first tweet.

“FIRST – I don’t believe it is the honorable thing to do. You are there to serve his agenda, not your own. He was elected, not you,” he wrote.

“SECOND – It is an act of disloyalty to the administration one serves, and tends to undermine the unity and teamwork needed to reach the highest level of effectiveness.”

“THIRD – it sets a very damaging and dangerous precedent. A President must have the ability to have candid conversations with his National Security Advisor, his AG, his SOS, etc., without fear that those conversations will end up in a book or a newspaper,” Sessions concluded.

The president has also blasted Bolton on several occasions over the past 48 hours, calling his former adviser’s claims untrue and accusing him of publishing classified information.

Though Sessions exited the Trump administration under less-than-desirable terms and found himself on the receiving end of a number of Trump insults, the former AG has seemingly put that behind him as he’s defended Trump numerous times in the face of the impeachment investigation and trial.

Sessions is also reported to make a run to reclaim his former Alabama Senate seat in 2020. An endorsement from Trump for the seat would bolster his chances for an election win.


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