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Jeff Van Drew Reveals Real Reason Behind Leaving Democrat Party: ‘That’s When I Knew’

New Jersy Rep. Jeff Van Drew has officially become a Republican, spurred on by a hyper-partisan impeachment vote against President Donald Trump and a Democrat party that continues to veer leftward.

However, while those were some of the reasons Van Drew made the switch, it wasn’t the main reason, according to the Washington Examiner.

During an interview on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures, Van Drew noted that his decision to abandon the Democrat party came after a call with his local county chairman, who said, “you’ve got to vote for impeachment. If you don’t, you’re not going to be able to run in my county.”

Van Drew said that was the “final sign.”

“First of all, I still could have run,” Van Drew said. “But it made me think, for all the years that I have worked so hard and tried to give so much … and it all boils down to one vote, that I may have my own individual opinion on one vote, and that’s not going to be allowed? I’m going to be punished for that? And that’s when I knew.”

Trump invited Van Drew to the Oval Office earlier this week, where they officially made the announcement that he would switch parties, siding with Trump from here on out.

Van Drew resides in a district that the president won in the 2016 election. Additionally, Trump told Van Drew that he would endorse him come the 2020 election, in which the New Jersey representative responded that the president had his “undying” support.

What do you think of Rep. Jeff Van Drew saying that demands from his county chairman was the final straw? Let us know in the comments and be sure to vote in our daily poll below.


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