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Jesse Watters Mocks Schiff: Like Listening To A Vacuum… You Just Can’t Wait For It To Stop

Fox News host Jesse Watters is pulling zero punches.

During a Wednesday broadcast of The Five, Watters went on a three-minute blitzkrieg against Rep. Adam Schiff and his two-hour speech before the senate.

“The Democrats have done a lot of dumb things in Trump’s first term but putting Adam Schiff on television for two straight hours might be up there with the dumbest. The man looks like a rotten dandelion. Listening to him is like being in the room when someone’s vacuuming. You just can’t wait for it to stop,” Watters said.



Later in the interview he called out the Democrats apocalyptic claims about President Donald Trump, adding that the entire impeachment ordeal is causing people to “fall asleep.”

“They had people telling us that there was gonna be a recession, World War 3, and that Trump was a traitor. None of it came true. So now, we’re supposed to not understand why everyone’s yawning through a senate trial?”

A New York Times sketch artist who attended the opening statements depicted Sen. Jim Risch nodding-off.

President Trump also made his feelings known about Schiff, saying that he — along with Rep. Jerry Nadler — is a “sleazebag.”

“I watch the lies from Adam Schiff, he’ll stand, he’ll look at a microphone and he’ll talk like he’s so aggrieved, these two guys, these are major sleazebags,” he said.

“I’d love to go, wouldn’t that be great? Wouldn’t that be beautiful? I don’t know, I’d sort of love … sit right in the front row and stare in their corrupt faces,” Trump told reporters. “I’d love to do it.”


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