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Joe Biden Gets Demolished By The Media For His ‘Colossal’ Gaffes During The Democratic Debate

Former Vice President Joe Biden — a 2020 presidential candidate who at one time, not long ago, was the clear and decisive front-runner for the Democratic nomination, took a number of steps backward during his performance in the MSNBC-hosted fifth Democratic debate.

According to Daily Caller, Biden made a number of gaffes during the debate, which the media — both mainstream and alternative — immediately seized upon.

Kicking off the night, Biden’s campaign goofed in a major way and sent out their post-debate fundraising email before the debate even began, which generated plenty of jokes from social media and political pundits.

Biden made too many gaffes during the debate to list here, but CNN editor-at-large Chris Cillizza pointed out a few in his recap of Biden’s performance.

“In talking about domestic violence, he said that people have to just keep ‘punching’ at the problem. I know what he meant. But that was definitely a poor choice of words. And then another: He said he had the support of the only black woman elected to the Senate. Except that he forgot that [California Sen. Kamala] Harris was on the stage,” Cillizza pointed out.

Even reporters from The Hill — an online publisher with a left-leaning slant to nearly every story they publish — held nothing back as they criticized the 78-year-old gaffe machine.

“He failed to impress again on Wednesday night,” The Hill reported. “His first answer meandered and then, after seeming to find his composure for a while, he stumbled again in the debate’s second half.”

CNN pointed out Biden’s “propensity for clumsy phrasing,” especially when it came to racial issues discussed during the course of the debate.

Another notoriously left-leaning publication, The New Yorker, hammered the former VP in a Thursday headline that read, “Joe Biden Stumbles Again on Race at the Fifth Democratic Debate.”

They pointed out Booker’s brilliant attack on Biden after Sen. Cory Booker pointed out that he thought it was ridiculous that Biden won’t support legalizing marijuana on a federal level, given the number of states that already do.

“I thought you might have been high when you said it,” Booker said. “Marijuana in our country is already legal for privileged people.”

Biden certainly had a rough night and if coupling that with his recent slide in both state and national polls, it’s quite obvious that Democratic voters across America are looking to other candidates to take the top spot.



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