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Joe Biden In 1998 Video: Impeachment On ‘Partisan Grounds’ Is Unconstitutional

Earlier this year, presidential candidate Joe Biden made it clear that he was for impeachment inquiries into President Donald Trump, saying, “No matter what it does to the 2020 election, it’s a requirement, a constitutional obligation that we take a look at [impeachment].”

However, a recently-surfaced video clip of Biden defending then-president Bill Clinton during the 1998 impeachment trials shows how much the Democratic frontrunner has changed over the years.

“It is simply antithetical to our constitutional democracy to use impeachment to overturn an election on partisan grounds. It violates the independence of the presidency & it usurps the people’s voice,” Biden said in a 1998 press conference.


With the heated divide between parties over Trump’s controversial phone call with the Ukrainian president, it wouldn’t be hard to classify this current impeachment debacle as simply extreme “partisan” politics.

Additionally, despite much legal counsel and multiple hearings, Rep. Adam Schiff and company have yet to provide any substantial evidence showing that Trump committed a crime. In fact, the American people aren’t seeing anything either, as many independents and middle-of-the-road Americans are tuning out the impeachment drama altogether.

Democrats have certainly not sold the American public on impeachment — and if they don’t, they’re headed to a messy place come 2020.

With the Trump administration adding hundreds of thousands of jobs in November, with unemployment claims at all time lows, and the median household income up big-time, it’ll be tough to pry Trump away from the White House. And videos of 1998 Joe Biden contradicting 2019 Joe Biden isn’t helping the left’s cause.

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