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John Bolton’s Right-Hand Man Sides With Trump, Demands Bolton Manuscript Be Stopped

John Bolton’s former Chief of Staff, Fred Fleitz, is speaking out against the manuscript by the ex-national security advisor.

On Monday, Fleitz joined Fox News host Laura Ingraham to discuss the leaked book details, ultimately demanding that his former boss Bolton ‘withdraw’ it entirely.


Additionally, here’s what he said in an op-ed piece on Fox News about the manuscript, which has thrown the impeachment proceedings of President Donald Trump into chaos:

“Given the importance of protecting a president’s confidential discussions with his senior advisers, I strongly disagree with Bolton’s decision to release the book before the November presidential election and call on him to withdraw it from the publisher immediately…

“…Presidents must be able to candidly consult with their advisers without worrying they will leak these discussions to the press or obtain high-dollar book contracts to publish them. A book by a former national security adviser ahead of a president’s reelection bid may set a dangerous precedent since it could discourage future presidents from seeking advice from expert advisers on sensitive national security matters.

“This is why executive privilege exists: to allow the president and other senior officials to keep certain communications and internal deliberations private if disclosing them would disrupt the functions or decision-making processes of the executive branch.”

The leaks from the Bolton manuscript are causing some GOP senators to be more inclined to support additional witnesses, like having Bolton himself appear.

Senators like Mitt Romney and Susan Collins have signaled they will likely be voting in favor of witnesses now. Currently, for witnesses to be approved, four Republican senators will have to vote with Democrats.


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