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Kaepernick Left Behind As Workout Partner Gets Signed Instead Of Him

Colin Kaepernick has worked for the last two years to find a spot on an NFL roster after his National Anthem kneeling saga in 2017 ended in his dismissal.

However, the former 49ers quarterback was left behind after his workout partner — wide receiver Jordan Veasy — found a spot with the Washington Redskins after participating with Kaepernick at the controversial scouting event last month.

On Wednesday, the Redskins announced they would sign Veasy to their practice squad.

“That’s one of the reasons I wanted to be a part of it,” Veasy told the Washington Post. “Just being a part of the history of it, and I knew it was going to help me.”

Kaepernick still has yet to be signed by an NFL team.

In the aftermath of the workout, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that teams simply aren’t interested and that the event was not a success: “The workout last week did absolutely nothing to enhance the chances that Colin Kaepernick is going to wind up with another team.”

“There hasn’t been a team that has requested a visit. There hasn’t been a team that has expressed interest in signing him. So, despite the fact that one week ago we saw Colin Kaepernick work out at the high school down in the Atlanta area, it has not translated into any results, and though the league wanted to try to help out, at least said it was trying to help out, nothing’s come of it. Colin Kaepernick’s wait continues and it looks like it’s going to be continuing for a very, very, very long time,” he said, per the Bleacher Report.

Do you think that Kaepernick’s National Anthem kneeling controversy is still running strong in the minds of NFL teams and owners? Let us know in the comments below and share on Facebook and Twitter!


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