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Sen. John Kennedy During CNN Interview About Pelosi’s Impeachment Stall: ‘It’s Unconstitutional’

Republican Sen. John Kennedy had a lot to say about the Democrat-led impeachment against President Donald Trump on Sunday during an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper. The long-time senator made his feelings clear that what House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is doing by preventing a Senate trial for the president is “unconstitutional.”

According to Mediaite, Kennedy held nothing back in his opinion of what’s currently taking place on the Democrat side of the political aisle.

“All I know today, Jake, is I don’t know if we’ll ever get the case. I don’t know if we’ll ever get the case and I don’t know why the speaker is doing this. Maybe she’s telling the truth that she wants to dictate the policy or the procedure to the Senate. If she’s sincere in that, I think it is unconstitutional. Maybe it’s a cynical political ploy. Maybe her actions demonstrate indecision, I don’t know,” Kennedy said.

He also pointed out that there aren’t a strict set of rules for how a Senate impeachment trial is supposed to be carried out.

“I’m going to keep an open mind, I want to be fair to both sides. When I thought that the House proceedings were unnecessarily unfair and when the American people walk away from the Senate trial, if we ever have one, I don’t want them saying ‘well we were just run over by the same truck twice. It was unfair in the House and it was unfair in the Senate.’ I want people to think that it was a level playing field.”

Pelosi has repeatedly argued that she’s holding up the process due to what she perceives as a lack of “fair” and transparent rules of how a Senate impeachment trial would be conducted. Her withholding of the impeachment trial is largely unprecedented and has resulted in growing backlash for stalling the process.

Because the Senate has the power to dictate the rules of a given impeachment trial, some analysts have already called for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to go ahead with a Senate impeachment trial without Pelosi’s transmittal of the two articles of impeachment, citing that nothing in the U.S. Constitution prevents that from happening.

Currently, Congress is still on a holiday break and there is no indication from either side when a trial may (or may not) take place.

Do you agree with Sen. Kennedy that Pelosi is committing an unconstitutional act by preventing Trump from receiving a fair trial in the Senate? Let us know in the comments below. 


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