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Last Night’s Democratic Debate Had The Fewest Viewers Of Any Debate This Year

Didn’t watch the Democratic debate on Thursday night? Well, you weren’t the only one who skipped out.

According to the latest Nielsen ratings, last night’s debate between the top seven Democratic presidential candidates were a bust, posting a measly 6 million viewers.

This is the lowest number of viewers for a debate in several years, as the impeachment battle between President Donald Trump and congressional democrats wages on.

Variety reports:

That total, which counts the PBS broadcast and the simulcast on CNN and CNN en Español, makes it the least watched debate so far in the current cycle, only just behind the previous MSNBC debate which drew 6.5 million. Last night’s squaring off reached more than 2 million viewers across PBS stations nationwide, and was seen on CNN by just over 4 million people.

None of the Democratic debates thus far in this cycle have come near to the 24 million viewership figure posted by Donald Trump’s first debate on Fox News in August of 2015. The most watched debate from this cycle to date was the very first on NBC which drew 15.3 million total viewers, while the Democratic debate record to beat is the 15.7 million who tuned in for the CNN debate from the 2016 election cycle between Bernie Sanders and eventual nominee Hillary Clinton.

While House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat colleagues attempt to oust the president and bring articles of impeachment against him, they’re also taking precious eyes off their own primary election and nomination process.

And with Trump doing incredibly well in the polls, the left will need to take as much attention away as possible.

Currently, Trump is sitting at an 43.5 percent average approval rating amongst the top survey organizations — which is not only a personal best for the president since his first few days in office, but is also better than Obama’s approval rating by several points at the same time in his presidency.

Let us know what you think of the extremely low ratings for Thursday’s Democratic debate. Leave a comment and be sure to vote in our daily poll below.


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