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Laura Ingraham Demands Mitt Romney Resign, Then Hints She Might Challenge Him

Fox News’ Laura Ingraham issued a strong reaction to Utah Sen. Mitt Romney, who voted “guilty” on one of the two articles of impeachment President Donald Trump was acquitted on during Wednesday’s Senate vote.

The primetime star, according to Fox News, not only called on Romney to resign from his office, but hinted that if doesn’t resign, she may challenge him for his seat when he’s up for re-election.

“If he were up for reelection this year, the people of Utah would have their own payback against him because they were defrauded by Romney. For when he had to choose, he chose [Charles] Schumer and Kamala [Harris] over common sense and conservatism,” Ingraham said, with regard to Romney siding with Democrats on the impeachment vote.

“Like all the other bitter ‘Never Trumpers’, he’d rather see the entire American economy go down the drain than give Trump a victory,” Ingraham added.

After spending a large portion of her opening segment bashing the Republican senator, Ingraham then demanded he resign from his seat and threatened that if he doesn’t resign, she’ll possibly challenge him for it — claiming she would move to Utah to do just that.

“Mitt, you made your stand. Now should you should resign. You committed a fraud on the people of Utah, on the Republican Party, on the Constitution, and a thoroughly embarrassed yourself,” she said.

“If I have to move there to run against him in four and a half years, I will,” Ingraham added, referencing the 2024 election in which she would be eligible to take Romney on for his Utah Senate seat.

Romney was the only Republican senator to break rank with the GOP and enter a vote of “guilty” on any of the articles of impeachment against the president at the time. In order to remove Trump from office, Democrats would have needed to convince a large number of Republicans to vote their way, as it takes a two-thirds majority vote in a Senate impeachment trial to remove the president from office.



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