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Lindsey Graham Slams Obama, Praises Trump: ‘There Will Be No Benghazis On His Watch’

Sen. Lindsey Graham has come a long way since the 2016 election, where he was extremely critical of President Donald Trump.

But now, the South Carolina senator is on board with the president’s agenda in the face of new attacks on the U.S. Embassy in Iraq.

In a series of tweets published Tuesday, Graham jabbed Obama by bringing up his Benghazi failure that left four dead, saying that “there will be no Benghazis” under Trump.

“Very proud of President [President Trump] acting decisively in the face of threats to our embassy in Baghdad. He has put the world on notice – there will be no Benghazis on his watch,” Graham tweeted.

The senator continued, saying, “To the Iranian government: Be careful what you wish for — a country that depends on the ability to refine oil for its existence needs to be cautious.”

“President Trump, unlike President Obama, will hold you accountable for threats against Americans and hit you where it hurts the most. Choose your battles wisely,” he said. “To our Iraqi allies: This is your moment to convince the American people the US-Iraq relationship is meaningful to you and worth protecting. Protect our American personnel. You will not regret it.”

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