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Long-Time Dems Call In To CSPAN, Promise To ‘Never Vote Democrat’ After Pelosi Antics At SOTU


For some long-time Democrats, it was the final straw.

On Wednesday, some members of the Democrat party were furious over the way House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her colleagues handled themselves at the State of the Union address, promising that they are will no longer vote for members of their party in the future.

“I’ve been a Democrat for 70-something years, and what I’ve seen tonight of the Democrat Party, I am changing my mind,” one individual said in a call to C-SPAN. “I’ll probably still be a Democrat [in ideology] but as far as electing a god-danged Democrat, never again.”

“I’m a Democrat as well, but no longer will I vote Democrat,” said another caller. “I think it’s outrageous that they sat there when all these good things are happening to our country and how much we love our country, and they looked like they hated our country.”

“And Nancy Pelosi, the whole time she’s sitting up there with a disgusted look on her face,” she added.

One even mentioned several friends and family members who will be joining her in abandoning the Democrat party.

“It’s outrageous, I will never vote Democrat again and I’m sick of it and my whole family feels the same way… my husband and my friends are sitting here, all former Democrats who voted for Hillary last time, and therefore never, ever will we vote Democrat ever again,” she added.

Yet another person who called the C-SPAN network said she is “literally disgusted” with the House speaker.

“…The way she teared up the speech behind [Trump] at the end, I was a registered Democrat, I’ve gone independent and I’m leaning GOP now,” she said.


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