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Bill Maher Says Warren Acted Like An Angry Wife Scolding Her Husband At A Restaurant

On Friday, comedic political pundit Bill Maher used a portion of his HBO show, Real Time with Bill Maher, to poke fun at the feud between Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Bernie Sanders — a dust-up that went to the next level after the seventh Democratic debate.

In footage released by CNN shortly after the Iowa debate, Warren can clearly be seen and heard approaching Sanders and accusing him of lying about a commented he allegedly made two years ago with regard to a woman’s chance of winning the presidency.

“I think you called me a liar on national TV,” Warren said as she confronted Sanders just moments after the debate ended. Sanders, who was very obviously caught off-guard by Warren’s accusation, said “what?” before Warren repeated the charge — this time in a slightly more aggressive and clear tone.

Sanders immediately shot back, saying “Let’s not do it right now,” adding “If you want to have that discussion, we’ll have that discussion.”

The video of the confrontation went viral and Maher provided his insight on the awkward encounter, according to Mediaite.

“As you know, Elizabeth Warren a couple of weeks ago played the woman card and said Bernie, in a private meeting a couple of years ago, said a woman can’t get elected president,” Maher said.

“So after the debate Elizabeth Warren went right up to him, you saw this moment, and he went to shake her hand and she said ‘Don’t touch me!’” Maher said with a feminine affect. “If you haven’t seen the movie ‘Marriage Story,’ this is like that movie in seven seconds.”

“‘You called me a liar.’ ‘Let’s not do this here,’ ‘No, I want to talk about it in front of the whole restaurant!’” Maher said in a mocking tone, comparing the two politicians to what might take place between an angry wife and husband at a restaurant.

You can watch Maher’s monologue where he makes fun of the two presidential candidates (it starts at about the 4:40 mark).




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