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Trump Takes Massive Stand For POW-MIA: ‘This Is A Historic Victory’

Earlier this year, some congressional Democrats replaced the POW-MIA flag with a transgender flag after taking issue with President Donald Trump’s order that people who serve in the military must serve as their biological gender.

But the president stood up for veterans earlier this week with a brand-new law about flying flags.

According to Trump campaign manager Dan Scavino, Senate Bill 693 — called the National POW/MIA Flag Act — was signed into law, “which honors service members who are Prisoners of War (POW) or Missing in Action (MIA) by increasing frequency of POW/MIA flag display on specified Federal properties.”

Veterans Of Foreign Wars was ecstatic with the design by Trump, saying in a statement that they are “standing in solidarity with fellow members of the Veterans Service Organization (VSO) community.”

VFW National Commander William “Doc” Schmitz called this move “a historic victory for every man and woman who courageously defended this nation and remain unaccounted for.”

“Over 82,000 men and women who’ve served our nation in uniform are unaccounted for or listed as POW/MIA, including many Michiganders,” said Congressman Bergman. “Flying this flag at federal properties 365 days a year is just a small way that we can ensure their sacrifice and devotion to our nation is never forgotten.”

President Trump has worked to ensure that our military — active-duty and former service-members — are treated with respect and given all the tools needed to keep this great nation safe and secure. During the last budget talks, the president drastically increased military spending.

Additionally, during his 2016 campaign, Trump raised millions of dollars for numerous veterans organizations. This latest action of mandating a display of the POW-MIA flag is right in line with what Trump mission to honor America’s veterans.


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