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Maxine Waters: GOP Senators ‘Insufferable & Pathetic’ For Letting ‘Con Man’ Trump Walk Free

Rep. Maxine Waters is seething after the GOP all but ended the impeachment trial of Donald Trump by shutting down a motion to add further evidence and bring in more witnesses.

“I’ve never seen a more insufferable & pathetic group of Senators than those in the GOP,” Waters tweeted. “They’ve chosen to strap themselves to a corrupt con man they KNOW is guilty. They’re all cowards. None of them belong in the Senate. They should go home and grow a backbone!”

But she didn’t just stop there.

She continued: “America needs to wake up. GOP is willing to lie, cheat, & steal for power. They have no shame & no guts. They can’t bring themselves to remove a lying criminal con man, impeached president, in an election year, but they can STEAL a Supreme Court seat in an election year! B.S.!”

Waters was an advocate for impeachment long before the House impeachment inquiry that began last fall. During the special counsel investigation that was being performed by Robert Mueller, she repeatedly labeled Trump as “Putin’s Puppet.”

Ultimately, the two-year probe into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia ended quietly, with Trump being exonerated from the ordeal.

And now, the Democrat-led impeachment effort has fallen short as Trump is expected to be acquitted — perhaps on a bipartisan basis — next Wednesday.


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