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Mexico Confirms New Migrant Caravan Bound For United States, Originating From Honduras

As the Trump administration continues to make strides in reducing the number of illegal immigrants crossing into the United States through its southern border, they may face a new problem as news broke on Wednesday of a new migrant caravan headed for the U.S.

According to the Center For Immigration Studies, a person by the name of Jason Pena posted the update on Wednesday night which indicated that Mexico has confirmed yet another migrant caravan — this one originating in the Honduras — is on it’s way north, toward the United States.

The confirmation by Mexico, from Mexico’s Interior Secretary, Olga Sanchez Cordero, came on the heels of rumors on social media last month that another caravan was forming. There was no immediate word on how large the caravan is, but if it’s anything similar to past caravans, it very well could number in the thousands, eventually.

Cordero remarked at a recent press conference that his country was already preparing for the caravan, offering encouraging

“The government of Mexico is very open to being a country of asylum and to migrants who want to stay and work, to obtain resident status, a job, and those who seek to join a social program that we generally provide to Mexicans, are welcome. Those who only want to use Mexico as a transit country are not welcome.”

While Mexico is generally open to migrants, especially those who choose to stay and work in the country, the country’s president did acknowledge that National Guard troops would be stationed on their southern borders to help with crime prevention and other types of assistance.

Past caravans of migrants who make it to the southern U.S. border have caused tremendous strain on both the U.S. Border Patrol agency and local border communities, who are forced to spend tax dollars that they may be short on in order to house, clothe, school and feed the large influxes of migrants.

Do you think migrant caravans should be allowed into the United States? Let us know in the comments below. 


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