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Michael Bloomberg’s Super Bowl Ad Used Obama-Era Picture Of Detained Migrants

Sunday’s Super Bowl was the first in American history in which a sitting president ran national advertisements. The same holds true for Michael Bloomberg, running ads during television’s most-viewed event in an attempt to sway undecided Democratic voters to back him for the November election.

While President Donald Trump’s ads touted a long list of achievements by his administration, one of Bloomberg’s ads was attack-style, pointing to various incidents and events that have happened while Trump has been in office.

One of those swipes was about Trump’s immigration policy, in which the commercial showed a series of imagery of detained migrants and related pictures. But as the Daily Caller investigated and reported, at least one of those images was actually from 2014, when former President Barack Obama was in the White House and dictating America’s immigration policies.

The picture was one of detained migrants at a Nogales, Arizona Customs and Border Patrol detainment center, showing dozens of migrants sleeping on cots behind a chain link fence border.

Daily Caller reported that the image was from Getty Images, taken in 2014 by photographer Ross D. Franklin.

Here’s a screenshot of the Bloomberg ad version of the picture:

And below, you’ll find the actual picture. After a quick look, you can see that Bloomberg’s version of the image is the same, just a cropped version of the original. For instance, you can see the migrant with his feet crossed in the cot appears in both images. The placement of the cots are also an exact match.

This marks the second time that Democrats have used the image and tried to attribute it to the Trump administration. The first time happened in the summer of 2019, when the House Oversight Committee posted the image while ripping Trump. They later deleted the image after it was revealed that it was from the Obama-era.


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