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Mike Rowe Responds After Bloomberg Says California Is ‘A Great Example’ For Rest Of Nation

Last week, former New York City Mayor and Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg lauded California’s progressivism as a “great example” for the rest of America.

“I think that California can serve as a great example for the rest of this country,” Bloomberg said, according to City News Service.

“You have led the way on climate change, on fighting gun violence and on criminal justice,” he continued. “And you have, as importantly, welcomed immigrants with open arms. Because unlike our president, you understand immigration doesn’t threaten America, immigration strengthens America.”

Bloomberg’s comments didn’t sit well with many — including “Returning the Favor” host Mike Rowe.

The Dirty Jobs star threw some shade at Bloomberg, saying that he “lost me with that whole ‘California is a model’ thing.”

“It’s probably beyond my pay grade but my understanding of what’s going on in California is seemingly different than his, so I don’t get it,” he said.

Being non-confrontational in nature, Rowe tried to praise a few of Bloomberg’s ideas — but most of them revolved around the trades, something Rowe has had a vested interest in for decades.

“I read his plan — it’s kind of like a fruitcake, there’s some stuff in it I like,” Rowe said. “I like the idea of pushing technical trades. I like the idea of focusing on parts of the country that haven’t participated in the economy that we have.”

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