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MSNBC’s Joy Reid Blames President Trump For ‘Nazis Walking Around’ In America

It’s no secret that MSNBC doesn’t exactly favor President Donald Trump. It’s known and it’s even accepted to some degree. Fox News has always lent more favorable coverage to the president as opposed to their rivals and even though the rhetoric from both sides is often fiery and heated at times, the people who work at the various networks tend to stay in their proverbial lanes.

But every once in a while, statements are made — seemingly out of pure emotion and not based on reality — that raise eyebrows and receive immediate backlash, which is likely what’s going to happen to MSNBC’s Joy Reid, who, according to Breitbart, claimed on Sunday that because of Trump, “Nazis” are “walking around” the United States.

And her inflammatory statement, which any logical person — party politics aside — would label as false, didn’t include any supporting evidence of her claim other than what appears to be her dislike of the president. Reid also claimed that Americans are growing more scared of Trump — again without presenting proof — and said that’s why they’re turning to news personalities like Rachel Maddow as a type of quasi-therapy.

You can read a transcript of Reid’s bizarre accusation below:

“What we’re kind of all getting to is Donald Trump — we were talking about this in the hair and makeup room as well — he produces a kind of anxiety in people that is so profound. It’s part of the reason people are obsessively watching this show and Rachel Maddow. It’s like Rachel Maddow is sort of their psychologist at this point. People are afraid of not just what he can do but what he’s bringing out in people. The kind of people he is surfacing in the United States. You have swatting happening and Nazis walking around. It is a scary time.”

Citing Trump’s authorization that resulted in the death of Gen. Qassem Soleimani — one of the most dangerous terrorists in the world — Reid claimed that Trump’s actions are making America more anxious than ever before.

“You look at the polling on what Donald Trump has done, and rather than make people feel more confident, it’s made people more anxious.  Here is the anxiety level in 2018 versus 2019. People are more anxious,” Reid said.

You can watch the segment below: it begins at the 12:00 mark. 





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