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MSNBC Panelist Says Trump Supporters Are Like Members Of ISIS

In another huge black eye for the struggling credibility of the mainstream media, and MSNBC panelist had the audacity to compare supporters of the duly-elected, 45th President of the United States to members of the Islamic State terrorist group known by the world as ISIS.

According to Daily Caller, Malcolm Nance, an MSNBC contributor, made the ridiculous comparison on Tuesday night while discussing the ongoing impeachment investigation into President Donald Trump.

He then made the claim that no matter what Trump says or does, a vast majority of his supporters will stay loyal to him. And then he made the comparison that immediately grabbed headlines.

“I’ve seen a lot of phenomenon in my life. I’ve seen a lot of operations. You know, the behaviors that I am seeing here, and this is anecdotal, are very similar to the way that ISIS members are. They are true believers — and this is their reality and they will not surrender it. You know, they’re dead-enders,” Nance said during the program.

Of course the host of the program, Chris Matthews, couldn’t get enough of Nance’s analysis of Trump supporters.

“Malcolm, I love your attitude. As we say in Philly … you got it. Thank you for coming on tonight,” Matthews said with an air of admiration.

While it’s not surprising to hear something like that from a network seemingly bent on using their influence to take down the president, it’s still jarring. Making a comparison is fine — it’s a free country. But comparing good-hearted, law-abiding American citizens to the savages who make up the ranks of terrorist organizations like ISIS, well, that’s nothing more than a play for attention.

And unfortunately he’ll get that attention, both positive and negative. While it’s painful to shine even a flicker of spotlight on “analysts” like Nance, it’s critically important that he’s exposed for making such inappropriate and disrespectful commentary.

And make no mistake — he knew exactly what he was doing when he made that comparison.

Talk about a true case of “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” my goodness.

You can watch a video clip of Nance’s commentary below… if you can muster the stomach to listen to him for more than five seconds.


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