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Pelosi Curse? House Speaker Reamed After Consoling Hometown 49ers’ Super Bowl Loss

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is getting reamed on Twitter after sending out her thanks and encouragement to her hometown San Francisco 49ers after their Super Bowl loss.

To our [49ers]: thank you for an incredible season, and an inspiring performance on the field tonight. You made us proud. Congratulations to the [Kansas City Chiefs] on their victory,” she tweeted.

One individual responded, mocking Pelosi’s recent comments that President Donald Trump is “impeached forever,” saying that the “49ers are defeated forever!”

Another said, “If you REALLY wanted to say ‘Thank you’, you would clean up their FILTHY CITY and give them the QUALITY OF LIFE they deserve!” They attached a picture of a littered street in San Francisco.

Yet another poked fun at the fact that the state had recently banned plastic straws, commenting that the “Chiefs had straws to keep hydrated.”

“Red state wins again!!!!!!!” said one Twitter user.

With the impeachment drawing to a close on Wednesday, where the GOP is expected to acquit Trump of all impeachment charges brought forth by the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives.


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