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New Bolton Leak Published Hours Before Witness Vote: ‘Desperate Last Ditch Effort’

With the witness vote looming and GOP senators signaling they have the votes to block Democrats from further subpoenas, these are desperate times for Democrats that have worked long and hard on the impeachment process.

And desperate times call for desperate measures.

On Friday, the New York Times leaked more information from the upcoming book of former national security adviser John Bolton, which claimed that President Donald Trump personally pressured Bolton to get involved in retrieving “dirt” on Joe Biden and his oldest son Hunter.

Washington Examiner reports: “The directive was made during an Oval Office meeting in May, attended by White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, White House counsel Pat Cipollone (who is now leading Trump’s impeachment defense), and Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani, two months before Trump pressed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during a phone call to help collect information that would be politically advantageous to him. A whistleblower complaint about this phone call gave rise to impeachment proceedings.”

Giuliani, however, says that no such event happened, telling the NYT that the leak is “absolutely, categorically untrue.”

Conservatives on Twitter are calling this last-second leak “desperate” from the media, with one saying, “The media/NY Times trying one desperate last ditch effort to stop the Senate from acquitting Trump – and to pull Murkowski in their favor … What timing, huh?”

Another said that the NYT is “in complete DESPERATE free fall, just published another sham leak from Bolton’s ghost book, today a disgraced individual hero of dem losers.”

The final vote tall was in favor of the Republicans before the leak — whether that changes after the latest NYT leak remains to be seen.


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