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2020 Election

New Poll Shows Trump Has Secured The ‘Highest Levels’ Of Black Voter Support

President Donald Trump has boasted about the support he receives from African-American voters on several occasions and while his supporters tend to believe him, it’s typically dismissed by his critics or largely goes unreported by most of the mainstream media.

But a newly released poll, according to The Washington Examiner, might just be too stunning for anyone to ignore.

A recent Zogby Analytics survey revealed the strong and noticeable uptick in black voter support for the 45th president, calling the results the “highest levels” of his presidency. Adding to that were two polls, one from Emerson College and one from Rasmussen, that gave the president an unprecedented 34 percent support number from the black community.

Jonathan Zogby, a pollster, weighed in on the results.

“Not surprisingly, all African Americans do not hate Trump!” he said, before pointing to Trump’s continued efforts to decrease black unemployment, bolster programs at historically black universities and colleges and his strong stance on criminal justice reform.

As expected, several of Trump’s critics hit back at the results, calling them “outlier” results or “blips” or just outright claiming that the polls are “wrong” without offering any proof to back the claim, whatsoever.

Zogby also pointed out that in head-to-head match-ups with the current slate of 2020 Democratic front-runners, all Trump needs to do is bump his numbers with African-Americans up just a notch or two and it could mean a stunningly easy victory in 2020 for Trump.

“If Trump is able to up his numbers over 10% or near 15%, and with a lower turnout among African Americans because they are not excited by the field of candidates or turned off by D.C., Trump could really benefit from this scenario in the 2020 general election,” Zogby said.

A Trump campaign spokesperson also weighed in on the new numbers.

“The only story here is that the support is increasing,” said senior campaign official Katrina Pierson. “It’s on the rise. It’s not decreasing. It’s going in the right direction,” she said.

What do you think of these poll increases? Let us know in the comments and be sure to vote in our daily poll below.


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