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Nordstrom Drops Salvation Army, Bans 85-Year-Old Bell-Ringer Who Helped Collect $100,000

The Salvation Army has received great value out of 85-year-old volunteer Dick Clarke, who has helped raise a whopping $100,000 in red kettle donations over the last 19 years.

However, Seattle’s downtown Nordstrom store — the main place Clarke worked the entrance at — is kicking him to the curb.

According to the Seattle Times, retired teacher and principalClarke would get started right after Thanksgiving, putting in six-hour shifts for five days out of the week.

“The best thing I like about Thanksgiving is the next day I go to work,” said Clarke.

Nordstrom executives said that “The Salvation Army’s presence made them uncomfortable.”

“Nordstrom spokeswoman Jennifer Tice Walker did not answer questions about the change,” Seattle Times reports. “But Clarke said he was told in a meeting last week with head of stores Jamie Nordstrom that LGBTQ employees said The Salvation Army’s presence made them uncomfortable.”

The Salvation Army is a long-standing Christian organization that raises money, particularly during the holiday season, for the needy and homeless.

“Surely no one wants to see programs for those living in poverty eliminated simply because some disagree with the theology of those who provide them,” said national Salvation Army commander David Hudson in a USA Today op-ed.

Recently, a lot of pressure has been put on companies supporting The Salvation Army.

“Pete Buttigieg Volunteered for the Homophobic Salvation Army,” states a headline in Out, a gay magazine.

Additionally, Chick-fil-a was forced by the left to cease all donations to the red kettle organization, which they did, along with cutting donations to the nationwide Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

What do you think of Nordstrom cutting ties with the Salvation Army? Let us know in the comments and be sure to vote in our daily poll below.


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