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Obama Deported Illegals Right To The Border. Trump Is Now Deporting Them 1,000 Miles Away.

The Trump administration and Department of Homeland Security are working with the Mexican government to ensure the United States southern border is kept secure.

Under the Obama administration’s deportation practices — in which over three million illegals were deported — the DHS simply released illegal immigrants directly back into Mexico, right at the border.

But that’s changing under Trump, as his DHS is now coordinating flights with Mexican officials, where immigrants will be flown over 1,000 miles to Guadalajara, Mexico.

It’ll be a long hike for these individuals to reach the U.S. border again.

“Officials say the migrants being returned are all Mexican nationals from non-border Mexican states who typically have either recently illegally entered the U.S., or who had gone through the court system but were ruled to be deportable by an immigration judge,” Fox News reported.

Additionally the report says that the DHS is planning “to run two flights a week starting at the end of January” and projects about 250 migrants will be deported via plane a week, about 13,000 a year.

“This is another example of the Trump Administration working with the Government of Mexico to address the ongoing border security crisis,” DHS spokeswoman Heather Swift said. “Mexico has been a great partner in stopping illegal migration before they reach our border and in standing up the Migrant Protection Protocol which has allowed us to provide court dates to more than 55,000 individuals.”

Additionally, Trump is shifting billions of dollars in military funding for a border wall, which will also include money for an increase in border agents and technology.

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