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Obama’s Approval Rating Was 44% In His Third Year As President. Trump’s Is Higher.

Former President Barack Obama was a media darling for the entirety of his eight-year tenure in the White House.

And it’s probably safe to say that President Donald Trump is absolutely not a darling in the media’s eyes, but more along the lines of a punching bag.

So that’s why it comes as a shock to many that Trump has actually beaten Obama’s approval rating during the same point in office.

Nearly three years into Trump’s presidency, he has a 46 percent approval rating, according to¬†polling organization Rasmussen. Obama had two points less, coming in at 44 percent.

Despite the onslaught of impeachment talks, politically-charged investigations, and incredible media bias, the 45th president is holding stronger than ever. It says a lot about Trump that he’s able to retain a 46 percent approval rating with every governmental force, agency, and bureaucrat attacking him on a 24/7 basis.

It’s almost like the more jabs are thrown, the stronger he becomes amongst the American people.

Not only has his overall approval rating been great, but his approval rating with likely black voters also has been on a steady climb. This poses a major problems for Democrats in 2020 as this is their ultimate voting bloc, a demographic that has voted Democrat around 90 percent for the last several decades.

Is Trump, the strong economy, and the discombobulation of the Democrat party the perfect storm for a Republican takeover in 2020? Or will the Democrats unite and build momentum going into the general election?


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