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Official Poll: Should Nancy Pelosi Resign For SOTU Conduct?

On Tuesday night, President Donald Trump gave one of his best speeches as a president yet, invoking the booming economy, reuniting a military family, and celebrating the great Rush Limbaugh.

But despite the positive message of his speech, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had different motives than letting Trump get away with an impactful State of the Union address.

At the end of the address, Pelosi — who had a copy of Trump’s speech — ripped it up in a theatrical fashion that sent social media into an uproar.

Pelosi’s stunt was trending on Twitter for hours after, with hashtags like “#PettyPelosi,” “#PelosiMeltdown,” and “#NancyPelosiIsADisgrace” all going viral.

Some individuals have even called for Pelosi to resign from Speaker of the House over her actions, while also bringing up her partisan impeachment charges brought against Trump.

But what do you think? Should Pelosi resign as Speaker of the House?

Vote below:

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