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Opinion: Laugh All You Want Don Lemon, But You’re The Reason Trump Will Be Elected Again

Remember when then-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said that half of Donald Trump’s supporters were a “basket of deplorables” in 2016?

Well, CNN’s Don Lemon just had his own “basket of deplorables” moment during his latest broadcast — and while he can laugh uncontrollably about redneck stereotypes forced on conservative Americans by his guests, we’ll be meeting him at the ballot box later this year.

And he’ll have to sit through another four years of a President Donald Trump administration.

Lemon, how have you not learned your lesson yet?

The main reason Trump secured an overwhelming victory against Clinton in 2016 was because American voters — the very people you laughed at — were disgusted by the blatant media dishonesty and mockery of Republicans and conservatives.

Additionally, by his very nature, Trump is an extension of the American people. When you attack Trump — for whatever petty reason it may be — you are attacking all of those who support him.

So, why do you think that directly attacking Trump fans, laughing maniacally when the president’s supporters are called the “credulous boomer rube” demographic, helps your cause?

Are you trying to ensure Trump’s re-election?

Because, despite the anti-Trump rhetoric day-in and day-out on your show and your network, you have failed to take any actions that would contribute to healing the broken trust in media that essentially cost Democrats the 2016 election. Having your own primetime talk show on one of the largest cable television networks in America is a unique opportunity that you’ve been blessed with — you have the ability to bring people together and promote truth.

Instead, you’ve burned, spat and stomped on that unique opportunity — and yet you still have the nerve to accuse the president of being the divisive one? Give me a break.

Lemon, the 2016 election was a referendum on individuals like you.

And history is shaping up to repeat itself in 2020.


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