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Opinion: Mitt Romney Is A 21st Century Benedict Arnold

Whew, what a bullet America dodged in 2012 by not electing then-Republican nominee Mitt Romney as President of the United States.

After flip-flopping on nearly every major political issue — from taxes to abortion to conservative values — Romney cemented his demented legacy with a move that only the traitorous Benedict Arnold would have been proud of.

And that’s to side against his own party and president in an entirely partisan impeachment process, voting to convict the duly-elected Republican President Donald Trump.

Romney is a traitor to the GOP platform, the millions of Americans who supported him in his presidential bid, and his current Utah constituents.

This is a man who established himself on saying whatever he needed to say to get elected, which is how he got his infamous “Flip-Flop Mitt” nickname. Yet, after decades of manipulation and lying in order to win political offices (or attempt to), we’re just supposed to take every word he says about Trump’s “high crimes” as gospel?

I don’t think so.

Remember when Trump said Romney begged for his endorsement in 2012? What about when Romney trashed then-candidate Trump in a 2016 press conference? How about when he went out to dinner with Trump, where he begged for a Secretary of State job just a year later when the billionaire businessman won the White House?

Just with Trump alone, Romney has flipped between wanting everything to do with the president or wanting nothing to do with him at all.

It’d be more than fair to say that Romney — despite calling himself a “religious” man — chose to abandon all morality and voted to convict Trump of both impeachment articles out of spite, jealousy, and hatred.

When you have nothing to stand on, you’ll fall for anything — and he fell for snare the Democrats had been setting up for months.

In the weeks leading up to the impeachment vote, numerous polls came out showing that Romney’s approval ratings were tanking among his own Utah constituents, dropping a whopping eight points in a single quarter after floating the idea of approving additional witnesses.

I wonder what his poll numbers will be next quarter — probably not good.

Which begs the question, why is the GOP still helping and fundraising for this modern-day Benedict Arnold? It’s now past time for the Republican party to expel the cancerous growth that is Mitt Romney.


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