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Opinion: No-Class Nancy Pelosi Ripping Up Trump’s SOTU Speech Just Secured His Re-Election

President Donald Trump delivered what many are already calling one of the greatest State of the Union speeches in United States history.

And while the awkwardness of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sitting directly behind the president was very apparent to the viewing audience, at the very least, the Speaker could have shown some level of professional restraint and acknowledged some of the good that has happened to this country under Trump’s administration.

But, no real surprise, she didn’t.

Instead, she chose to sit in her seat with an angry, distorted scowl on her face. Her bizarre facial contortions, lip biting and talking to ghosts aside, Pelosi made a complete fool of herself tonight and managed to single-handedly embarrass the entire Democratic party by ripping up Trump’s SOTU speech in a manner reminiscent to a 5-year-old child throwing a fit after not getting their way.

Talk about overly-dramatic. You can watch Nervous Nancy rip the speech in the video below.

Shortly after Trump’s speech, she was asked why she tore up the speech, to which she replied that it was the “courteous” thing to do. Pelosi called it a “dirty speech,” saying that tearing it up was “a courteous thing to do considering the alternative. It was such a dirty speech.”

Don’t get me wrong, watching her tear up that speech was shocking and left many in disbelief, but on the other hand, I’m thrilled that she made such a scene. Her childish outburst all but assured Trump’s re-election come November and, personally, I’d like to thank her for that.

Democrats have had a rough year, a rough month and especially a rough week with the Iowa caucus debacle and the expected impeachment acquittal vote on Wednesday. Pelosi just showed America just how amazingly out-of-touch with Americans they truly are and once again, I’d like to offer my thanks for cementing that in front of millions of television viewers.

Democrats are digging a stunningly deep political hole with Americans across the country. Pelosi’s antics tonight likely didn’t sit well with independent and moderate voters, who Democrats will absolutely need to stand even a remote chance of beating Trump in the November election.

There’s a reason Trump’s approval rating hit an all-time high this week, even on the heels of a so-called impeachment and a number of other attempts by Democrats to overturn the 2016 election results.

Americans simply aren’t buying what Democrats are selling — and they never will. We’re not quite as dense as they wish we were.

Now go home, Nancy. You’re drunk.


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