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OPINION: Three Simple Reasons Why I Believe President Trump Will Win Re-Election In 2020

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While Anti-Trump Democrats around the country hope for President Donald Trump’s demise when November 2020 rolls around, I’m here to tell you, right here and now, that there’s absolutely no chance of that happening.

And I have three very simple lines of reasoning as to why I firmly believe that Trump will — dare I say “easily” — win a second term in the White House.

Reason number one.

The bottom-line reason why Trump won’t be replaced in 2020 is because he set the American economy on fire, in the best possible way. The stock market sets new records virtually every day and major industries are moving their operations back to America.

Whether or not a Democrat will ever admit it — especially the Union workers — strong economies and certainly strong employment numbers will always trump partisan opinions at the ballot box. Simply put, if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it. Trump already fixed it for us.

Reason number two.

The House-led impeachment investigation, which is an obvious partisan attack tactic in an attempt to soil Trump’s good name in 2020 at the polls, will backfire in tremendous fashion.

And while House Democrats will likely muster enough partisan support to pass an impeachment vote, once its sent to the Republican-controlled Senate, it will be immediately squashed like a bug. Trump’s top Senate ally, Sen. Lindsey Graham, has already essentially promised that.

And because it’ll be thrown out quicker than a Christmas tree in January, the impeachment failure will seriously weaken the Democratic party and leave millions of Democrat voters — who only gather their news from CNN and MSNBC — scratching their collective heads wondering what happened. Confidence in House Speaker Pelosi, Rep. Adam Schiff and all the rest of the anti-Trumpers in Congress will drop like a rock and likely take a massive toll on Democratic voter excitement and turnout at the polls.

Reason number three.

Aside from the inevitable failure of the great impeachment experiment, Democrats also suffer from a lack of a viable 2020 presidential candidate who more than a few people can actually get excited about.

Joe Biden’s sizzle faded fast, and the rest of the party is quickly dividing into moderates, ultra-progressives and everywhere in-between. There is no great unification of the party — like Trump managed to do with Republican voters in 2016 — and because of that, once again, Democratic voter turnout at the polls has the potential to produce downright humiliating numbers.

In my opinion, I believe that even just one of these reasons has the chance to tank any Democratic nominee’s chances against Donald Trump in 2020, but combine them all and Democrats are up “Schiff’s creek.”

From my mouth to God’s ears, Trump will not only win in 2020, but he’ll do it in landslide fashion.


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