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Pelosi Compares Herself To American Soldiers During WWII At Impeachment Speech

One Wednesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke about how the impeachment vote against President Donald Trump was like WWII’s Battle of the Bulge — a conflict that resulted in an American victory, but had 100,000 killed and wounded U.S. lives.

More specifically, she compared herself and her Democratic counterparts to the American heroes of that battle, claiming her party is standing up to “lawlessness and tyranny” just like the Americans during that battle.

Here’s the full bit by Pelosi, according to Breitbart:

Last week, in observance of the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge, members [of the House of Representatives] travelled to that hallowed ground to express our gratitude to the heroes who sacrificed everything to secure victory of freedom over tyranny, not just for America, but for the world.

The veterans of that battle — who were there, in their nineties — told us how after the war was worn, the Europeans to whom they liberated would ask, “Why did you risk us? You don’t know us, and give your lives to save us — we’re not Americans?” And our men would say, “We came here to fight for you, not because you are Americans, because we are Americans.”

As our beloved [late] chairman Elijah Cummings, and Oversight Committee chair, our North Star, said when announcing his support for this action, quote, “When the history books are written about this tumultuous era I want them to show I was among those in the House of Representatives who stood up to lawlessness and tyranny.”

I know that he and all of us here are very proud of the moral courage of members who want to honor the vision of our Founders for a republic, the sacrifice of our men and women in uniform to defend it, and the aspirations of our children to live freely within it. Today we are here to defend democracy for the people. May God bless America.

Currently Pelosi is holding onto articles of impeachment and it is unclear as to when she will release them to the Senate.

What do you think of Pelosi’s comments comparing her party’s impeachment against Trump to American heroes dying at the Battle of the Bulge? Let us know in the comments and be sure to vote in our daily poll below.


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