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Pelosi Quietly Hands Trump Major Political Victory, Hides It Behind Impeachment Articles

On the campaign trail, President Donald Trump promised to upend the NAFTA agreement between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico in exchange for something more fair for Americans.

He did just that, calling it the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement.

For the past few years, the agreement stalled out as left-leaning representatives kept requesting changes to USMCA, according to Business Insider. But on Tuesday, during the same press conference that Articles of Impeachment were announced, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi revealed that the Democrats had come to an agreement with Trump over the USMCA.

This is one of Trump’s largest political victories since being elected and it’s being effectively drowned out by impeachment chaos and chatter.

“Congrats to house democrats for handing trump a nice bipartisan victory on the same day they announced their articles of impeachment,” NYT columnist Jamelle Bouie said. “Definitely not a muddled message.”

A muddled message it is, indeed. It appears Pelosi is fine with continuing the law-making process with the president while she believes he should be forcibly removed from office.

It’s an interesting play by Pelosi, who knows Trump won’t be impeached — so why not give Trump his biggest win in the midst of his greatest trials?

Here’s the bottom line: Trump just fulfilled another one of campaign promise from 2016, in which he vowed to get rid of NAFTA. He did that and he deserves praise for that.

Pass along this article on social media and let everyone know that Pelosi did Trump dirty by announcing the USMCA would become law after impeachment articles were submitted. Leave a comment below sharing your thoughts.


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