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Pelosi Responds To U.S. Adding 266,000 Jobs In November. Yes, It’s As Sad As You Think It Is.

Nancy Pelosi? More like Negative Nancy.

After the stunning report published by the Department of Labor showed that 266,000 jobs were added in November, the Speaker of the House dedicated not even a full sentence in her official statement to commend the incredible jobs numbers.

And no, it’s not like the press release was a mashup of a variety of issues either. It’s literally titled “Pelosi Statement on November Jobs Report.” Again, not even a full sentence of praise — check it out:

“Despite some encouraging numbers, the November jobs report offers little solace to the farmers and hard-working families who are struggling to stay above water with the costs of living rising and uncertainty surging,” the statement began.

“Despite some encouraging numbers” — see, I told you. Heck, that might not even be half a sentence — let’s continue.

“We must take action to strengthen the health and financial security of America’s seniors and families. Next week, the House will pass our transformational Lower Drug Costs Now Act to finally stop Americans from having to pay more for their medicines than what Big Pharma charges for the same drugs in other countries. When we lower out-of-control prescription drug prices, we deliver huge savings for patients, employers and taxpayers – which we will reinvest in the search for cures and historic new vision, dental and hearing benefits for Medicare beneficiaries,” the statement continued.

So while Americans are finding jobs and celebrating great economic success under the Trump administration, Pelosi is going off on tangents about drug costs and Big Pharma? Can you say “desperation”?

But wait, there’s more — the house speaker saved the best part for last.

“House Democrats have sent the Senate more than 275 bipartisan bills to improve the lives of America’s hard working families. While Senator McConnell and the GOP Senate refuse to act, House Democrats will continue to work relentlessly to deliver progress For The People: lower health care costs, bigger paychecks, cleaner government,” the statement concluded.

Yup, this is why Democrats are losing in every facet of American politics.

Republicans and the Trump administration have done something spectacular for the American people — delivering jobs, record-low unemployment, increased median household income — and the left diverts with complaints and attacks. Pelosi’s response is perfectly petty and would turn off any average American who just discovered jobs are being created en masse.

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