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Pelosi Spotted Signing Impeachment One Letter At A Time So Everyone Gets A Commemorative Pen

First, it was a three-week delay. Now, it’s one letter at a time.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is really trying to stretch out impeachment process of President Donald Trump.

On Wednesday, during the signing of the two impeachment articles — before they’re officially sent to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell — Pelosi was seen using over a dozen pens to sign the documents.

And the commemorative pens weren’t for a dozen signatures, but more like a dozen letters.

“What the hell is [Pelosi] doing?? Signing one letter so a time so everyone gets a pen. [Her] victory lap is disgusting,” one Twitter user said, posting a close-up video of the signing.

Conservatives were livid at Pelosi’s “grandstanding,” as one put it.

“Pelosi doesn’t realize she’s signing away her Party. Most people find this disgraceful. So she can toast to celebrate tonight as she does anyway with her 5 martinis… but come 2020 they won’t be celebrating. Impeachment should not be revenge or a vendetta,” another commented.

Yet another said, “So much for somber & prayerful, she’s so giddy. She needs to resign, she is a disgrace.”

This individual was referencing comment Pelosi made just hours before the official vote in the House, in which she said she was “sad” that she had to impeach Trump.

The impeachment was approved by all but two Democrats. No Republicans voted in favor of impeachment.

The Senate is expected to begin the impeachment trial early next week, looking mimic the rules and procedures in place during the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton.

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