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Pelosi Takes Victory Lap: ‘Trump Impeached Forever’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is in the midst of a victory campaign after the successful impeachment vote by Democrats in the House.

On Thursday, during an interview with The Associated Press in her office, Pelosi was asked whether or not she fulfilled her campaign promise in which she claimed she would “show the power of the gavel.”

“Donald Trump thinks so,“ Pelosi said.

”He just got impeached. He’ll be impeached forever,” she continued. “No matter what the Senate does. He’s impeached forever because he violated our Constitution.”

“If I did nothing else, he saw the power of the gavel there,” Pelosi told the AP. “And it wasn’t me, it was all of our members making their own decision.”

Wednesday night was the culmination of months of hearings and chaos on Capitol Hill, in which House Democrats voted to impeach Trump on the charges of “abuse of power” and “obstruction of Congress.” Two Democrats voted against impeachment, along with every Republican.

Pelosi is currently stalling the transportation of the articles of impeachment to the Senate, where Mitch McConnell will head up the impeachment trial. She is looking to use the delay as leverage, but it may backfire with the American people if she holds on too long.

Additionally, Democrats will need a two-thirds majority vote in the Senate for Trump to be impeached. That is not expected to happen, as Republicans maintain a majority.

Let us know what you think of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi flaunting that President Donald Trump is “impeached forever.” Leave a comment and be sure to vote in our daily poll below.


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