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People Of All Races Appear At Virginia Gun Rally: ‘Do I Look Like A White Supremacist To You?’

The Second Amendment rally at the Virginia State Capitol is officially underway — and it is completely defying mainstream narratives.

Julio Rosas, senior writer for Townhall, attended the event and posted pictures of a diverse crowd of people — from women to minorities.

Here’s a group of women holding signs in support of the Second Amendment:

“One woman’s sign directly addresses the people accusing the #VirginiaRally of being a “white nationalist” or racist gathering,” Rosas said in a tweet.

“More pictures of people carrying rifles at the #VirginiaRally and more evidence that debunks the narrative that the rally is filled with racists and white supremacists,” he said in another tweet.

One woman made a profound comment about this photo of a black woman with an AR-15 strapped to her: “An armed black woman walking free and smiling in a former slave state is such a wonderfully American image. God bless Virginians today.”

Rosas summed up the event, saying, “With the #VirginiaRally coming to a close, I can definitively say that I had zero concern for my safety once I got there. Had zero problems with the protesters and they were quite nice. Can’t say the same when I covered protests in Portland.”

The Virginia legislator is expected to vote on a slew of gun control bills in the coming weeks.


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