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Petition: Dear President Trump, Give Church Hero Jack Wilson The ‘Medal Of Valor’

Jack Wilson, the heroic Texan who not only saved hundreds of parishioners at the West Freeway Church of Christ by eliminating a mass shooter with a single, perfectly placed shot on the gunman, also did so at great personal risk for injury and death.

For his epic and heroic action, we believe it’s only fair and just that Wilson, a retired FBI agent, receive some level of official recognition from President Donald Trump.

Given his actions on that day, Wilson should be awarded the Secretary of Defense Medal for Valor, which is the highest civilian award for acts of valor.

Here is a description of the honorable award:

Secretary of Defense Medal for Valor

“An act of heroism or sacrifice, with voluntary risk of personal safety in the face of danger either on or off the job. The Office of the Secretary of the Defense Medal for Valor is the highest civilian award for valor presented by the United States Department of Defense.”

We know that President Trump is always open to honoring those who commit selfless acts of bravery and heroism and we truly hope he offers Wilson the recognition that this small-town Texas hero deserves.

If you agree that Jack Wilson deserves presidential-level recognition, please take a moment to digitally sign the petition below. And feel free to add a message of support for Wilson.

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