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Small-Town Police Officer Makes A Kid’s Day With Epic Snowball Fight, Video Goes Viral

While police officers around the country face danger and criticism on a 24/7 basis, one Waterloo, IL police officer took a few minutes out of his day to bring an ear-to-ear grin to a local child, engaging him in a fun snowball fight after the small town received an early winter snow storm.

According to Yahoo News, Waterloo Officer Shaun Weigand can be seen in the viral video stopping and gearing up for a snowball war with local six-year-old, Aiden Steibel.

The two can be seen battling it out in the snow, with Aiden advancing on the police officer like an experienced veteran of past snowball wars. The two appeared to have a great time in the process, despite the cold weather.

Nichole Murphy, Aiden’s aunt, said the snowball fight with Officer Weigand was the highlight of his day. She also praised the local officer and the small town of Waterloo.

“I love our small town,” Murphy wrote on Facebook. “Waterloo police department for the win!!! He loved this.”

Officer Weigand chimed in on Facebook after the snowball battle, saying he enjoyed the encounter just as much as Aiden did.

“After a busy day it was nice to have a little fun. I hope he enjoyed the snowball ‘fight’ as much as I did. Thanks for sharing.”

Do you love it when police officers have a little fun in their local communities? Let us know in the comments below!


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