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Politician Appears To Put ‘Gun Gesture’ In Trump’s Back During NATO Summit… ‘A Threat?’

In a move that’s raising concerns and confusing many people, Polish politician Donald Tusk posted a photograph of himself with what people are calling a “gun gesture” into President Donald Trump’s back.

According to the New York Post, the controversial image — appearing in the midst of the NATO Summit — has sparked bewilderment as the caption of the photo was relatively tame, saying: ‘Despite seasonal turbulences our transatlantic friendship must last #Trump #NATO”

However, the photo seems to tell a different story. Take a look:

Twitter users were stunned at the picture, wondering why such a photo would be chosen to go along with the message — or why Tusk would make such a gesture behind Trump’s back knowing that cameras are surrounding him.

“Only a coward does that! Shame,” one user said.

Another individual said: “Really patheic (sic). I wasn’t expecting something like that even from you. And then you are suprised that euroscepticism is getting stronger… I hope at least Switzerland will stay away from that mess.”

The FBI was tagged in a separate tweet, with the tweeter saying, “Is that a threat? We all know that the Globalist EU opposes Trump, but this goes too far.”

What are your thoughts on this tweet? Is it merely a bone-headed communication and marketing mistake? Or is there an underlying message to be had?

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