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Trump And Melania Greeted To Standing Ovation, USA Chant At College Football Championship

Moments before the National Anthem at the College Football Playoff National Championship, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump walked onto the field to wave to the tens of thousands of attendees.

And the crowd went wild.

Check out the all-American experience, complete with USA chants and all:

In addition to the classic USA chant, the “Four More Years” chant could be heard as well, signifying that President Trump’s base is not as quiet as the mainstream media appears to make them.

However, some liberals on Twitter were not happy tuning into the game to see the president garnering massive cheers, with one saying that he doesn’t want to see a “criminal praised.”

“I just turned off the national championship college football game between Clemson and LSU. They started by honoring impeached Donald Trump. I won’t watched a criminal praised,” one Twitter user said.

Despite the backlash from progressives, conservatives loved the chants.

If the warm reception for [President Trump] is any indication for his reelection bid, Trump will win hands down. When was the last time you heard spectators at a football game yell out in unison, “USA!” I don’t remember anything like that with any other pres. before him. #TRUMP2020

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