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President Trump Announces ANTIFA Will Be Labeled As a ‘Terrorist Organization’

On the heels of untold destruction in dozens of America’s finest cities as a result of protests-gone-bad over the death of George Floyd earlier in the week, President Donald Trump’s administration recently blamed the acts of violence in those cities on the radical, far-left group known as ANTIFA.

On Sunday morning, Trump took it a step further by formally announcing that the radical group will soon be designated as a terrorist organization — a move that was widely speculated to happen for the past few years as numerous reports emerged of the groups’ many acts of violence.

“The United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization,” the president tweeted on Sunday, just a day after widespread violence in Minneapolis, New York City, Los Angeles, Louisville, Pittsburg and a number of U.S. cities.

The president’s announcement was met with overwhelming praise by his social media followers.

“Thank you Mr. President! These paid rioters are causing untold amount of destruction and hurting people. Soros is funding it and should be held financially responsible,” one Facebook user wrote.

“THANK YOU, Mr. President! Antifa is FINALLY declared a terrorist organization!!!” a Twitter user wrote.

The announcement came just days after U.S. Attorney General William Barr blamed ANTIFA for the violence around the country, saying the mass protests were “planned, organized and driven by anarchic and far-left extremist groups using antifa-like tactics.”

President Trump also said the violence and destruction was “being led by Antifa and other radical groups.”

It’s not yet clear when the president’s administration will take the appropriate actions to formally declared ANTIFA a terrorist organization, but it’s expected by experts that it will likely happen sooner than later, as it would give the federal government more options for quelling the widespread riots across the nation.


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