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President Trump To Confront Impeachment Accusers Face To Face During State Of The Union

As the Iowa caucus disaster continues well into Tuesday, President Donald Trump likely has something else on his mind — tonight’s State of the Union address.

While all SOTUs are important, this year’s may go down in history as one of the most powerful and impactful, as it will mark the first time the president is able to face his Democratic impeachment foes, essentially in a face to face manner in the House chamber, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sitting directly behind him for the duration of the speech.

According to The Hill, Trump and Pelosi have not engaged one another personally since a contentious meeting in October after which the two blasted each other with insults.

Sitting in front of the president for Tuesday night’s speech will be House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff — a Democrat who emerged as one of the primary faces of Trump’s impeachment and later went on to serve as one of Pelosi’s House Managers during the Senate impeachment trial.

Trump will also be facing a number of Democratic senators who have repeatedly attacked the president and insisted he should be removed from office over the two articles of impeachment drafted against him.

Democratic Sen. Chris Coons predicted that the president will not only take a victory lap over his inevitable acquittal vote, but will also use the opportunity to fire off a volley of shots at Democrats involved in the impeachment process.

“I expect that he’s going to be over the top. I would be surprised if he wasn’t bombastic and self-congratulatory. I would be surprised if he didn’t take potshots at the press and Democrats and impeachment managers,” Coons said.

In contrast, some Republicans, like Sen. Marco Rubio, insist that the president should avoid talking about impeachment and focus the speech the country.

“Talk about trade. Talk about the issues in the Middle East, Iran, Iraq, the agenda for the rest of this year … And if I were him, I’d also look back at the economic performance for the last couple of years,” Rubio urged.

A small number of Democrats will continue a tradition of boycotting the president’s State of the Union address, as they have since 2018.


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