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President Trump’s Hollywood Star Hit By Angry Vandals Once Again

Donald Trump's Hollywood star vandalized again.

President Donald Trump has his fair share of haters around the country and apparently some of them believe the best way to exact their revenge for him beating Hillary Clinton in 2016 to take the White House is by destroying his Hollywood Star, which he earned after his hit show, The Apprentice.

According to TMZ, the vandal was not only brazen enough to deface the star in public view, as has been done several times in the past, but she also did it in broad daylight, on camera, before quickly getting away and as of this writing, hasn’t been arrested.

“Check out our clip … you can see the suspect casually approach the Hollywood Blvd star around 9:30 Tuesday morning — reach into her bag — pull out what appears to be white spray paint, and then coat the star. She’s in and out in just seconds,” TMZ reported.

While the angry woman only used a can of white spray paint to blot out Trump’s name on the star, it’s just another event in a long line of attacks on the piece of decorated concrete.

In the past, the star has been laced with profanity and even busted up with a hammer or pick. Last year, a vandal who goes by the name “Plastic Jesus,” place metal bars over Trump’s Hollywood star, which he intended as a message that the president should be in prison — for unknown reasons other than that it’s an often-repeated line by his critics.

The same vandal, who apparently is quite creative, also built a wall around the star in 2016 as a way of protesting Trump’s proposed border security measures, which sparked backlash from the left as they cried racism for the Trump administration proposing to keep illegal immigrants out of the country.

The star has been subject to such an intense amount of vandalism since Trump took office that there have been discussions within city council to have the star removed completely to avoid future incidents.


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