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Principal ‘Grinch’ Confiscates Pizzas From Classroom Pizza Party Because It Wasn’t ‘Fair’ To Other Students

Remember what it was like back in the day when your classroom put in the hard work to earn some type of reward, like a pizza party or something similar? It may sound trivial to most of us now as adults, but try to think back to when that pizza party was something you looked forward to for weeks, if not longer.

Imagine the day has arrived. As a child, you race to get ready for school to get on with the day so that you can finally enjoy the reward for all of your hard work.

Now, imagine the pizza party starting, but then it’s ended just as fast as a grinch-like principal enters the room like he’s the pizza party FBI and confiscates every last slice. Why? Because he said it “wasn’t fair” to students in other classrooms.

That’s EXACTLY what happened at an Iowa school this week, as students were promised at the beginning of the year that if they put in a certain amount of hard work throughout the school year, the teacher would foot the bill for a delicious and fun pizza party, according to Breitbart.

And the hard-working students followed through — they put forth the academic effort to earn their sought-after reward, only to lose it because it might not be fair to other students — other students who either didn’t work as hard or were not given the same incentive by their teachers.

So not only were the students and the teacher who bought the pizzas ripped off, they were essentially punished for hard work and not sharing in the reward with other students who didn’t put in the hard work.

Sounds like something Sen. Bernie Sanders would be proud of. Right?

Brody Middle School Principal Thomas Hoffman is facing major backlash for taking the pizzas from the students’ party. One concerned parent posted about it on Facebook, which immediately went viral.

My son attends Brody Middle School here in Des Moines. His class earned a pizza party that I believe the teacher paid…

Posted by Neil Erickson on Thursday, December 19, 2019

Even the teacher was upset, reportedly breaking down into tears as the principal hauled all of the pizzas (presumably that she bought with her own money — and teachers don’t make that much) to his office where they sat and spoiled until the end of the school day.

Principal “Grinch” Hoffman (yes, parents and students gave him the appropriate nickname after the debacle) must have come to the realization that his actions were petty, so he reached out to parents in an email with an apology.

“However, I do want to apologize for being overly strict in applying that standard today when it came to one of our classrooms. Most of all, I want to apologize for disappointing any of our students and punishing them,” Hoffman wrote in the letter.

“I just regret that it became an ugly, big, huge thing,” he added. “I didn’t communicate well enough when they wanted to do it. … I didn’t spend enough time to make clear and to amplify the message.”

Too late, buddy. You’ll forever be known as Principal Grinch from now until the end of time, hopefully.

The good news? Several businesses reportedly caught wind of the Grinch principal’s actions and ended up donating dozens of pizzas for the students — with other businesses pledging to sponsor future pizza parties.


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